Fresh Word of God


In The Spirit You Are Entering A New Season

January 2, 2018

Steve Porter

Originally Published by Spirit Fuel


“For lo the winter is past and the rain is over and gone and the flowers appear on the earth and the time of the singing of the birds is come and the voice of the turtle dove is heard in our land.”  (Song of Solomon 2:10) 
In the spirit you are entering a new season! It may be freezing cold  physically for some in the world, but you are entering a new season spiritually of warmth found only in His manifested presence. Winter  (a time of spiritual apathy and deadness) is past, which means we are to forget those things which are behind us. So cut away the ties that hold you captive to that past painful season, and keep you from knowing His presence. The Lord says even now: “Right now your winter has past. You’re in a new season. The barrenness is over; you’re in a better place where you can hear the singing of the birds, where there’s a spirit of worship in the air.” You will begin to worship the Lord in 2018 like never before — in spirit and in truth. 
In this new season, you can hear the voice of the turtle dove, which is His prophetic voice speaking into your life, and where the Word of God comes alive like a two-edged sword, cutting away the old ways. You ears are opening like never before this year! Greater revelation is coming! 
Right now, He’s declaring to the church as well... that winter (a time of spiritual apathy and deadness) is past, and He wants us to find a fresh encounter with Him. In His presence you will become fully alive and quickened by the Holy Spirit. It’s time to listen to His call to come into the secret place and dwell with Him there. Father has much to tell us this year...will you lean upon His heart and listen?