Rev. Edith Fram

Rev. Edith Fram is the co-founder of Living Faith Ministries Int'l., a missionary organization dedicated to "Taking the Word to the World.” Her life has been both full and fruitful for the Lord. She served alongside her husband Leo in the pastorate for many years until 1982 when God sent them in a new direction to take the gospel to the nations. Edith shares her desire to "tell of His glory among the nations” Ps 96:3 and has been welcomed in over 30 countries of the world. Her heart nurtures the desire "... to preach the gospel... heal the brokenhearted... set at liberty those who are oppressed.. ”Luke 4:18.

A devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, Edith is also a gifted teacher of the Bible, possessing a God-given ability to take the Word of God and minister it practically and supernaturally by the Holy Spirit. Fueled by the desire to see God's people attain their full potential in Christ, her anointed teaching enables them to break out of conventionality and complacency and to come alive with the power of God. God confirms His preached Word with signs following. Mark 16:20.

Edith has been involved in ministry through churches, seminars, Bible studies, Bible Schools, Colleges, and outreach meetings. She has enjoyed the opportunity to minister the Word to many respected organizations, including Aglow Int'l., Joy Fellowship, and Blue Mountain Christian Retreat.

She maintains ministerial credentials with Living Faith Ministries International and Community Church Fixer of Hearts. Edith has a Bachelor's degree in Scriptural Psychology and is  currently ministering as an Apostle.

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